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Pretty and Pink 10 Inch Vibrating Dong ~ DJ0280-03
Vibro Realistic 6 Inch Vibrating Flesh ~ DJ1156-01
Vibro Realistic 8 Inch Vibrating Flesh ~ DJ1156-02

Vibro Realistic 6 Inch Vibrating Black ~ DJ1156-03
Vibro Realistic 8 Inch Vibrating Black ~ DJ1156-04
Vibro Realistic 6 Inch Vibrating Brown ~ DJ1156-05

Vibro Realistic 8 Inch Vibrating Brown ~ DJ1156-06
Realistic Squirmy 6 Inch Vibrating Flesh ~ DJ1157-01
Realistic Squirmy 8 Inch Vibrating Flesh ~ DJ1158-01

Ultra Realistic 6 Inch Vibrating Flesh ~ DJ1160-01
Twist Bottom Thin Natural Flesh ~ DJ5012-01
Twist Bottom Thin Natural Black ~ DJ5012-05

Heavy Vein Vibrating Dildo ~ DJ5016-00
Heavy Vein Large Vibrating Dildo ~ DJ5017-00
Vibrating Emperor 6 Inch ~ SE0130-01

Vibrating Emperor 7 Inch ~ SE0131-01
Shanes World College Stud ~ SE0290-01
Hot Pinks Curved Penis 6.25 Inch ~ SE0330-04

Hot Pinks Curved Penis ~ SE0331-04
Hot Pinks Devil Dick ~ SE0332-04
Hot Pinks Clitterific ~ SE0334-04

Hygienically Superior 8 Inch Long John ~ SE0755-10
Hygienically Superior 7 Inch Clit N Balls ~ SE0755-20
Hygienically Superior Cliteriffic ~ SE0755-40

Raw Studs Stud Vibrator ~ SE0801-01
Raw Studs Veined Vibrator ~ SE0803-01
Latex Studs Ribbed Vibe Pink ~ SE0804-04

Latex Studs Ribbed Vibe Purple ~ SE0804-14
Latex Studs Smooth Vibe Pink ~ SE0805-04
Latex Studs Smooth Vibe Purple ~ SE0805-14

Raw Studs German Vibrator ~ SE0815-01
Raw Studs Superstud German Vibrator ~ SE0816-01
Raw Studs Super Veined Vibrator ~ SE0817-01

Raw Studs Realistic Flex Vibrator ~ SE0818-01
Raw Studs Manhandler German ~ SE0830-20
Black Velvet 6.25 Inch Veined Dong ~ SE0838-20

Black Velvet 6.5 Inch Curved Dong ~ SE0838-40
Spellbound Stud Curved Jack Pink ~ SE0839-10
Spellbound Stud Curved Jack Purple ~ SE0839-20

Spellbound Stud Slim Jack Pink ~ SE0839-50
Spellbound Stud Slim Jack Purple ~ SE0839-60
Futurotic Ballsy Vibrating Dong ~ SE0864-10

Futurotic Veined Vibrating Dong ~ SE0864-20
Basix 6 Inch Vibrating Dong Flesh ~ PD4240-21
Basix 8 Inch Vibrating Dong Flesh ~ PD4241-21

Basix 7.5 Inch Vibrating Dong Flesh ~ PD4242-21

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